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How can U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U take away the stress surrounding my move and help me save money and time?
     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U is a low-cost moving solution designed to save you move on your move, by providing neat, clean, professional movers that are licensed, bonded, and insured, while giving you the option of picking and choosing the amount of help you need to move your HOME, APARTMENT, BUSINESS, or STORAGE.
     We offer labor only services, to help you pack/unpack, and load/unload your rented moving trucks, storage containers, trailers, and storages. Or for individuals that want to be less involved in their moving project, we offer complete moving packages, in which we provide a moving truck, movers, and a predetermined number of hours that is very competitively priced (see pricing below).
     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U also offer additional service to help ease some of the stress associated with moving such as MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT cleaning and JUNK REMOVAL, etc.
2-MAN EXPRESS MOVING PACKAGE $219 + fuel surcharge (includes 20' ft enclosed trailer/2 Movers/2 Hours)
Recommended for small one-bedroom apartment (600 sq ft or less) with minimal furniture and boxes.*
2-MAN APARTMENT MOVING PACKAGE $279 + fuel surcharge (includes 20' ft enclosed trailer or truck/2 Movers/3 Hours)
Recommended for one-bedroom apartments or storage on first floor.*
3-MAN APARTMENT MOVING PACKAGE $319 + fuel surcharge (includes 20' ft enclosed trailer or truck/3 Movers/3 Hours)
Recommended for 1-3 bedroom apartments/lofts on the second or third floor and small houses.*
3-MAN HOUSE MOVING PACKAGE $469 + fuel surcharge (includes 24' ft truck/3 Movers/5 Hours)
Recommended for small to mid-sized house (1400 - 2500 sq ft) that are nicely furnished with about 30-50 boxes.*
4-MAN BIG HOUSE MOVING PACKAGE $699 + fuel surcharge (includes 2-24' ft trucks/4 Movers/5 Hours)
Recommended for mid-to-large houses (3000 sq ft and above) that are fully furnished, full garage, patio furniture and grills, with 50-100 boxes. *
LONG-DISTANCE OUT-OF-TOWN MOVE $1299 (includes 24' ft truck/3 Loaders/2 Unloaders/10 Hours of Labor/Up to 250 miles travel distance)
Recommended for out-of-town moves to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lafayette, etc. (call for price quotes if you need to move farther). *
20' ft enclosed trailers or 24' ft trucks.
2, 3, or 4 Neat, Clean, Professional Movers.
Free Furniture Pads.
Free Furniture Disassembly and Setup.
Free Shrink Wrap and Tape as needed.
No Stair Charge.
Small Fuel Surcharge (outlined to the left).
* The above recommendations are based on our past moves and professional judgment and are clearly suggestions only that are designed to give a potential customer a point of reference in selecting a moving package that may provide the most value to save them money with their unique moving situation. Every move is different and the length of time varies with each move.
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Care, Strength, Endurance, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.
Timothy (Tim) Washington
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Mon - Sun, 8 AM - 10 PM
(or until the move is complete)
Note: We schedule moves after 5 pm with a between 4 and 6 pm arrival window. However, customer may incur an after-hour fee in the amount of $49 on top of the service price.
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2-Movers    $50/Hr ($150)
3-Movers    $75/Hr ($225)
4-Movers  $100/Hr ($300)
(Three hour minimum)
Additional time:
2 Movers  - $12.50 every 15 min.
3 Movers - $18.75 every 15 min.
4 Movers - $25.00 every 15 min.
Labor service includes:
* Free Furniture Pads
* Free Shrink Wrap and Tape as
* Free Furniture Disassemble
   and Setup.
* No Stair Charge.
* Small Fuel Surcharge.
Movers will come equipped with: An adequate amount of furniture pads. 2-wheeled dolly(ies) for boxes. 4-wheeled furniture dolly. Light tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. and Tie-down straps to secure furniture on your truck. 
* Fuel surcharges are charged to off-set the cost of fuel and truck maintenance to get to and from your location; per truck. Also note: On jobs greater than 20 miles from our location $50 fuel charge will automatically be charged.
$25 (Under 15 miles)
$50 (over 15 miles under 25 miles)
$75 (Over 25 miles and under 50 miles)
$100 (Over 50 miles)
7 Tips to Save Money On Your Next Move
Plan ahead and know what you want moved.
Have everything you want moved packed when the movers arrive.
Have the movers move only your big stuff -- sofa, beds, tables, chairs, etc. -- and move the rest yourself.
All the boxes you want moved place them in a central location.
Disassemble and disconnect your own furniture and appliances if you know how.
When the movers arrive conduct a quick walk-thru to let the movers know what you want moved.
Step aside to let the movers do their job.
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